Baat Enosh

Baat Enosh leads Nia Growth, a startup in the finance world focused on helping freelancers save for retirement by using behavioral science. Before Nia, Baat served as Director of Transformation working with Ernst & Young’s Chief Technology Officer. She also spent years in Israel where she established and grew the fintech giant Intuit with a local research & development center, leading with multiple roles – from Security, to Strategy & Innovation, to Site Leader and Head of Data Science.

Earlier positions include time in Silicon Valley focusing on futuristic products at Intuit’s Innovation group, implementing Intuit’s renowned Customer Driven Innovation practices. Prior to Intuit, Baat was busy as Vice President of Operations at Founder Labs – an “accelerator focusing on mobile products,” as COO of Women 2.0, and as the manager of the Entrepreneurial Alliance at NCWIT. These years established Baat as a speaker and subject matter expert on the topic of diversity in tech. Outside work, Baat is raising 3 kids, enjoys lots of skiing, competitive skydiving, indoor-wind-tunnel, and yoga. She holds a BS and MS in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder.



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