Anuja More

Anuja is a product leader and an engineer with over a decade of experience building products that deliver transformative impact at scale. Currently, she is a Product Lead at Meta for the WhatsApp Business Platform where she oversee the development of building conversational experiences between businesses and WhatsApp’s 2+ billion global users. Prior to WhatsApp, she worked in Meta developing next-generation network technologies that can help bring the cost of connectivity down to help connect the approximately 3.8 billion people without access to the internet. Before joining Meta, she led product management roles for 9 years with Juniper Networks and Fujitsu, building products in SaaS, Machine Learning, Network Analytics and most recently, Social Technology. She is playing a pivotal role in defining the use of responsible AI, balancing user privacy with product growth. She am passionate about technology and business and in my free time coach product management aspirants in tech to unlock their potential. Anuja hold a Bachelors in Computer Engineering, a Masters in Information Technology and an MBA.