Akshaya Aradhya

Akshaya is currently managing two geographically distributed engineering teams at LiveRamp. She is very passionate about projects related to Big Data and Machine Learning. She brings software development and management experience from companies like Intuit, McKinsey & Company and Accenture. She received a BE in Computer Science from RVCE Bangalore, India, MS in Computer Science from SMU, Dallas, TX and she’s currently pursuing Executive MBA from Wharton (UPenn).



Girl Geek X LiveRamp Lightning Talks

More than 150 girl geeks gathered at the LiveRamp San Francisco HQ to hear lightning talks about data privacy and security, managing distributed teams, and listening to your customers. Speakers included Erin Friesen (Software Engineer), Akshaya Aradhya (Senior Engineering Manager), Rachel Wolan (VP Product), Eloise Dietz (Software Engineer), Tina Arantes (Product Leader), and Allison Metcalfe (General Manager, TV). This event was recorded on July 17, 2019.