5 Podcasts Recommended by Girl Geeks & the Episodes You Won’t Want To Miss!

June 2, 2019

Podcasts are great for commutes and multitasking! We recommend these podcasts as gateways to more conversations, and to encourage critical thinking! Tweet at us your favorite podcasts and episodes to @GirlGeekX – Ready to tune in?

“Girl Geek X” Podcast: Start with “Mentorship” and  “Learning”, recommended by Rachel Jones

Women at all stages of their careers often share concerns and struggle with similar issues: negotiations, imposter syndrome, career transitions, management, self-advocacy, communication. The Girl Geek X Podcast answers frequently asked questions, and offer “best of” advice from inspiring women leaders and girl geeks.

“Truth Be Told” Podcast: Start with “Joy” and “Colonized Desire”, recommended by Angie Chang

How many desires are our own, and not what society tells us? This new show “Truth Be Told” from San Francisco’s KQED public radio (hosted by Tanya Mosley) features a variety of people of color talking about being enough, colonized desire and finding joy in a heavy, complicated world.

“The Faith Angle” Podcast: Start with “What Happens When We Talk Honestly About Race” with “Dear White America” New York Times columnist George Yancy, and “Why We should Keep Talking About Race” with author Austin Channing Brown, recommended by Gretchen DeKnikker

What does it mean to live as a person of faith in this crazy moment in American history? We listened to “What Happens When We Talk Honestly About Race” and “Why We should Keep Talking About Race” in a quest to better understand people’s lives, the world of racial justice (and attempt to translate that from a Christian perspective), and why being an activist and standing up for what’s right means you simply love more.

“Masters of Scale” Podcast: Start with “Keep Humans In The Equation” with TaskRabbit CEO Stacy Brown-Philpot, recommended by Sukrutha Bhadouria

How do you scale a growth company and business — and continue empowering humans? Stacy Brown-Philpot, TaskRabbit CEO, talks about her experience as an executive in tech — from early days at Google building the Black Googler Network, to giving advice on becoming a new manager. We listen to “Masters of Scale” (hosted by Reid Hoffman) for a gender-balanced interviewee lineup and advice from experienced entrepreneurs.

“Recode Decode” and “Pivot” Podcasts: Recommended by Angie Chang

You may read her hard-hitting New York Times articles — Kara Swisher talks about the tech, business and industry news from Washington DC and Silicon Valley — she is a master at interviewing CEOs and changemakers, giving you the knowledge, news and insights you need as a modern-day leader at “Recode Decode” and “Pivot”.

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