Your 2018 Holiday Gift Guide from Girl Geek X

December 5, 2018

Here are 12 holiday gift ideas for great ways to empower, energize and celebrate fellow girl geeks – because if you can’t see it, you can’t be it!

Invincible Iron Man: Ironheart #1 Comic – $8.99

Riri Williams (“Ironheart”) is an engineering student who made her own Iron Man-like suit in the Marvel universe. She has her own comic series Invincible Iron Man: Ironheart #1 from Chicago writer, academic, and poet Eve Ewing, with art by Kevin Libranda. MIT made a fan film about Riri Williams starring a MIT engineering student, it’s worth watching!

littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit – $99.99

This littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit is recommended for ages 8+ to become their own superhero. Creative kids play and code easily using wearable tech sensors like accelerometers, a customizable light design, and authentic Avengers sounds.

Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy Book – $29.95

This beautifully illustrated Star Wars®: Women of the Galaxy book released in October by author Amy Ratcliffe profiles 75 female characters (Leia Organa, Rey, Ahsoka Tano, Iden Versio, Jyn Erso, Rose Tico, Maz Kanata and many more) from across films, fiction, comics, animation and games.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Swag – $17.95

The notorious Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has a special collar she wears on days when she dissents from decisions being handed down by the Supreme Court. Wear your own in the form dissenting hard enamel earrings. 50% of profits from the sales of dissent pins swag are split between The Bronx Freedom Fund, International Refugee Assistance Project and Center for Reproductive Rights.

Lego Women of NASA Set – $19.99

Legendary women in NASA’s history with Lego’s Women of NASA LEGO set – small box of 231 pieces (and a tiny little space shuttle!) featuring minifig versions of astronomer Nancy Grace Roman, computer scientist Margaret Hamilton, physicist and engineer Mae Jemison, and Sally Ride, the first American woman in space.

Book Light for Book Worms – $9.99

This ThinkGeek-exclusive anglerfish book light makes reading books and manuals in the dark possible. So cute that you may want to read your electronic book in the dark by the anglerfish light.

Sassy Female-Forward Socks – $10.99

These cheerful Blue Q sassy socks say “Go Away I’m Introverting”. Check out the entire selection for plenty of crafty fun, cats, flowers, and cursing (eg. “spoiler alert: there are assholes everywhere”).

National Parks Coloring Book – $16

Check out this coloring book of national parks, or this “leave it better than you found it” water bottle. For every 10 products sold from Parks Project Trail Crew and All Parks Collections, $10 is donated to make a national park experience possible for a kid.

Vogue and Code Laptop Stickers – $20

LA-based creative technologist April Speight wants to celebrate diversity in tech careers. She’s produced these fun Vogue and Code stickers for tech swag to diversify the culture. Put some on your laptop and give them away to others, they look great!

Ada Lovelace Candle – $12.95

This Ada Lovelace Secular Saint 8″ Candle will look great beside your laptop or your prototype Analytical Engine, or can be a great gift for programmers. Check out more secular saint candles and quirky stuff at Philosophers Guild.

Little Feminist Shirt – $25

Here are “little feminist” shirts for kids using 100% cotton! Size two can fit children ages 1-3, size four can fit children ages 3-5, and so on and so forth. There is also a monthly book club to diversify your bookshelves which includes bookmarks with discussion questions.

EFF Gift Certificate – $25 to $475

Lift each other up

Did you know the Electronic Freedom Fronter (EFF) has gift membership certificates? Give the gift of digital freedom to your family, friends, and colleagues while strengthening our rights online. Recipients can claim member benefits and special gifts, from stickers to tshirts and hats!

Take The Time To Say Something Nice – FREE!

Lift each other up

Compliments are free and great way to show your appreciation. Think about letting a woman’s boss know about their good work – give a specific example or two – because strong women lift each other up! (Image credit: Illustrator Libby Vanderploeg created the popular animated GIF featuring strong women lifting each other up as a PSA for International Women’s Day.)

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