Happy 10 Year Anniversary, Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners! Meet The NEW Girl Geek X

January 2, 2018

This month, we reached our first decade of Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners, rebranding as Girl Geek X to celebrate our decade of growth! Careers span decades as top women have held a variety of roles within a company, tried new ventures, some failed, some kept going — whether at the same company or different ones. Since launching in 2008, our community has grown to over 15K women in tech, and hosted over 150 dinners. In 2017, our events were attended by 2,800 girl geeks! A snapshot of the 2017 attendees:

Girl Geek X is partnering with companies looking to connect with our high-caliber network of women in tech by sponsoring Girl Geek X programs/events with the content girl geeks want (eg. podcasts, videos, webinars, workshops).

From left: Co-organizers Sukrutha Bhadouria and Angie Chang give opening remarks at a Girl Geek Dinner hosted at GitHub in 2015.

What we are excited for in 2018 . . .

MORE GIRL GEEK EVENTS! Girl Geek X Dinners will be held WEEKLY in the SF Bay Area starting in 2018. These are unique learning & networking events where women share leadership in STEM & career expertise in a fast-paced industry. Retention and recruitment of mid-level/senior women in tech is a critical lever for increasing the ratio of female CEOs, executives, engineers and entrepreneurs. We are hosting non-stop, weekly events in 2018.

MORE SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES! Also, Girl Geek X offerings are EXPANDING with sponsorship opportunities for more events, content & partnerships! We are determined to create lasting impact beyond events — amplifying women’s sustained voices with multi-channel distribution (eg. video, podcast, blog posts, social media). Please get in touch with me at angie@girlgeek.io to learn more.

What happened in the last decade to the leading women in tech — and their careers — since the first Girl Geek Dinners in 2008?

Where are our Girl Geek Dinner speakers of January 2008, today?

From left: Serial entrepreneur Sumaya Kazi ran social intelligence startup Sumazi for 7 years. Venture capitalist Katherine Barr founded her own early-stage venture capital firm Wildcat Venture Partners after a decade at Mohr Davidow Ventures as Partner. Google Director of UX Irene Au is now a Design Partner at Khosla Ventures. SlideShare founder Rashmi Sinha accepted the acquisition offer from LinkedIn in 2012 for $118.75 million in cash and stock. Missing from the photograph because she had an acute case of food poisoning that day: Pownce founder Leah Culver is still working on building early-stage startups! Pownce was acquired by Six Apart in 2008, and Leah is now CTO and co-founder at Breaker, a social podcast startup out of Y Combinator. {Watch the 2008 Girl Geek Dinner panel discussion on YouTube here.}

Update from Facebook Girl Geek Dinner speakers of June 2008 —

From left: LOLapps founder Annie Chang worked at Homejoy, where she led product. Facebook’s first female engineer Ruchi Sanghvi left the company to start Cove (acquired by Dropbox in 2012). She left Dropbox, and now invests in startups. Angie Chang is running Girl Geek X a decade later. Zivity founder Cyan Banister joined Founders Fund as the firm’s first female Partner and is also an angel investor. Holly Liu co-founded Watercooler in 2006, pivoting the company several times to become the billion-dollar gaming company Kabam, which sold in 2016 for $800 million. Facebook product designer Julie Zhuo is now the VP of Product Design at Facebook, and has shared thought leadership on Medium. Facebook app developer Alina Libovas company was acquired by Facebook, and today Alina works as a venture capitalist at Initialized Capital, where she is a General Partner.
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