Elevate Conference 2020 Videos

April 7, 2020
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Last month, the 3rd annual Elevate virtual conference hosted over 3,000 people from 42 countries around the world—the largest gathering yet of mid-to-senior women in tech (48% of attendees have 10+ years of work experience, 28% have 15+ years) celebrating International Women’s Day via Zoom web conferencing. By the numbers, Elevate hosted four keynote speakers, 17 sessions, 32 speakers, seven sponsors. Check out their jobs—they are hiring!

You can watch all videos of sessions from Girl Geek X: Elevate 2020 conference on YouTube.

Top 10 Highest-Rated Sessions

Based on the votes of Elevate attendees in the post-event survey, here are the top-rated talks:

  1. What’s Holding You Back Might Be You: Imposter Syndrome from Sara Varni of Twilio
  2. The Link Between the Future of Work, Education and Care from Jomayra Herrera of Cowboy Ventures
  3. Military Transition: Vets in Tech from Claudia Weber of Intel AI, Mellisa Walker of Workday, Molly Laufer of HomeLight, Theresa Piasta of Puppy Mama, and Tiana Clark of Microsoft
  4. Leveling Up: Becoming a Manager of Managers from Arquay Harris of Slack, Bora Chung of Bill.com, Gretchen DeKnikker of Girl Geek X, and Ines Thornburg of Splunk
  5. Jumpstarting Your ML Journey in Cyber Security from Melisa Napoles of Splunk
  6. Investing In Others from Erica Lockheimer and Shalini Agarwal of LinkedIn
  7. Lift As You Climb: Morning Keynote from Carin Taylor of Workday
  8. The Imperative of Diversity in Clinical Trials from Alekhya Pochiraju of Genentech
  9. Every Job is a D&I Job. Every. Job. from Aubrey Blanche of Culture Amp
  10. Girl Geeks Gone Gov from Lisa Koenigsberg and Martha Wilkes of United States Digital Service

The Girl Geek X Team livestreamed 2020 Elevate virtual conference: Gretchen DeKnikker (COO), Rachel Jones (Podcast Producer), Sukrutha Bhadouria (CTO), and Angie Chang (CEO).

Special Thank You To Elevate 2020 Sponsoring Companies

Thank you to the warm folks at Intel AI, Checkr, Workday, United States Digital Service, Intuit, Splunk and The Climate Corporation for supporting Girl Geek X: Elevate 2020 virtual conference!

Don’t forget to check out their jobs—they are hiring!

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We have been excited to bring Girl Geek Dinners virtually to sheltering-at-home girl geeks globally during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Similar to Elevate, we are looking for sponsors for virtual Girl Geek Dinners on Zoom. In the sponsorship prospectus, please note the benefits grid on the final page for “Reach Webcast”.

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Angie Chang