Palestinian Soap Cooperative

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nabulsi olive oil soap from palestine

Nablus soap is made from three ingredients – Palestinian olive oil, water, and lye. It is soaked and cooked slowly in a cauldron for several days until all the lye is removed, then cooled on a stone floor and cured in chimney-shaped towers for up to 8 months to create a hard, long-lasting, and pure bar of soap. Healthy for the skin, and famous for the purity of its olive oil, Nablus soap is also often considered by those who’ve used it to be the best soap in the world.

This continues a tradition dating back 4500 years to ancient Syria and Iraq: a hot-cooked soap made solely from olive oil. Europeans adapted the Nablus soap recipe after discovering it during the Crusades, producing the famous vegetable soaps of Castile and Marseilles. Nablus soap is the higher-quality precursor to those better-known descendants.

Nablus soap is known for its smooth lather that washes away without leaving a film, and for its ability to clean without harming. It is prescribed in the Mediterranean for skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, rashes, dandruff, acne, cold sores, and itchiness. Just as strong-cleaning as it is mild, it can be used for almost any kind of washing whether household or medical. Its simplicity makes it a special kind of product that can clean a stain as well as heal a wound.

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