Sous vide technology, before Nomiku came along, was expensive, unwieldy and only used in fine dining establishments, which in itself made it very limiting to who could actually experience sous vide. Co-founders Lisa and Abe Fetterman, decided to create their own sous vide machine that was affordable, well-designed, and powerful. Born from a chef and a plasma physicist in an effort to marry the culinary arts and the art of science, the result was a compact immersion circulator that chefs and home cooks alike could afford and easily use.

Nomiku had two wildly successful Kickstarter campaigns raising over $1.3 million and are proud to manufacture our product locally in San Francisco.

Since launching in 2012, Nomiku has been on a mission of continuous innovation to improve sous vide technology for the home and has recently launched its’ 3rd generation appliance along with a revolutionary “nom-ready” no-prep meal delivery program called Nomiku Meals. Simply heat your meals with your Nomiku for a perfectly cooked dinner.