Intuit is the proud maker of TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint. We are a mission-driven, global financial platform that gives everyone the opportunity to prosper. Our platform integrates vital partners – including accountants, developers, financial institutions, educational institutions, mega platforms, government and other experts – so together we can deliver benefits that matter the most in our customers’ lives. We’re developing a modern development platform on containers and Kubernetes that incorporates multi-tenant abstracts. By combining the public cloud with cloud native tools, Intuit is pioneering bringing cloud-native capabilities to the market. Intuit’s Developer Community and open source contributions are bringing new learning and business opportunities to the global developer community. As we transform into an AI-driven expert platform, Intuit explores how humans in the loop (HITL) platforms can advance and augment both humans and technology to create a better world.



Intuit Girl Geek Dinner: "Powering Prosperity for Small Businesses"

Hear from CTO Marianna Tessel about how Intuit’s technology is powering prosperity for our customers, and learn from women who make that happen for small businesses and the self-employed.