Intel AI

Girl Geek X Trusted Partner: Intel delivers a versatile mix of hardware, enabling software and optimizations for popular deep learning frameworks, and other tools to bring AI out of theory and into practice. Our wide-ranging hardware for compute, acceleration, memory, storage, and interconnect delivers the right AI performance where it’s needed, from workstations to clouds to network edge and devices. At Intel, we draw from our depth and breadth of vertical expertise to prove out new use cases across industries that maximize efficiency, create new revenue streams, and redefine experiences. AI from Intel can use CPUs to train high-content images in minutes for better healthcare imaging, use VPUs to detect endangered species in real-time on remote cameras in the wild, and use FPGAs to provide the fastest search results Bing* has ever seen. Looking ahead, we’re working with the AI community to continue advancing memory, storage, and communications to eliminate bottlenecks and deploy AI wherever data lives. As data science and algorithms continue to shift, Intel will invest in hardware that keeps pace with more complex models, hybrid approaches, and more inference at the edge. This is AI on Intel.