Best of Girl Geek X on YouTube!

December 18, 2023
girl geek x openai Tyna Eloundou
After hosting 250 Girl Geek Dinners and ELEVATE Virtual Conferences in celebration of International Women’s Day for thousands of women around the world.Here are the most watched 10 videos from Girl Geek X YouTube! You can watch (or re-watch) them at the links below:

  1. Girl Geek X OpenAI Lightning Talks – Christine McLeavey, OpenAI Member of Technical Staff, Alethea Power, OpenAI Member of Technical Staff, Tyna Eloundou, OpenAI Member of Policy Staff
  2. Prompt Design & Engineering for GPT-3 – Ashley Pilipiszyn, OpenAI Technical Director
  3. Girl Geek X OpenAI Lightning Talks & Panel Brooke Chan, OpenAI Software Engineer, Lilian Weng, OpenAI Research Scientist, Christine Payne, OpenAI Research Scientist, Mira Murati, OpenAI RL Team Manager, Amanda Askell, OpenAI Research Scientist
  4. Ensuring artificial general intelligence (AGI) benefits all of humanity – Mira Murati, OpenAI RL Team Manager
  5. You’re a Sales What? Life as a Sales Engineer Melissa Andrews, Splunk Sales Engineering Manager
  6. Using reinforcement learning (RL) to learn dexterous in hand manipulation policies – Lilian Weng, OpenAI Research Scientist
  7. Scale your career with open source: Girl Geek X Confluent Talks & Panel – Neha Narkhede, Confluent Co-Founder, Bret Scofield, Confluent UX Research, Elizabeth Bennett, Confluent Software Engineer, Priya Shivakumar, Confluent Senior Director of Product Marketing
  8. Leading through change & embracing the mess – Anu Bharadwaj, Atlassian VP of Product
  9. Fireside Chat with Neha Narkhede, Board Director & Co-Founder of Confluent Neha Narkhede, Confluent Co-Founder
  10. “Thank u, next: How ‘diversity’ gets in the way of gender equity” Aubrey Blanche, Atlassian Global Head of Diversity & Belonging

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