70% of Girl Geek X partner companies are still actively hiring. Here are the jobs they’re hiring for!

May 8, 2020
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We read the headlines about soaring unemployment and tech layoffs, yet when we asked dozens of our mission-aligned partners if they are actively hiring, over 70% said yes!

Each shared a few of their highest priority roles with Girl Geek X this week.

Here are the companies & jobs still interviewing right now

Amplitude is hiring for:

Atlassian is hiring for:

Aurora is hiring for:

Blend is hiring for:

Bloomberg Engineering is hiring for:

Clover is hiring for:

Confluent is hiring for:

Equinix is hiring for:

LiveRamp is hiring for:

Microsoft is hiring for:

OpenAI is hiring for:

Palo Alto Networks is hiring for:

Splunk is hiring for:

Stitch Fix is hiring for:

Strava is hiring for:

Toyota Research Institute is hiring for:

United States Digital Service is hiring for:

  • Engineer
  • UX Content Stategist

    Millions of people use federal government services everyday. Veterans apply for healthcare. Immigrants apply for naturalization. The elderly and needy apply for Medicare and Medicaid coverage. Too often, outdated tools and complex systems make these interactions cumbersome and frustrating. Even worse, public-facing content often suffers from a lack of user-focus, coordinated information architecture, and plain language accessibility.

    The United States Digital Service (USDS) is a bi-partisan tech group at the White House, employing a diverse group of technologists, working across the federal government to build better tools and services for the American people. Specifically, we are looking for UX content strategists, with some combination of the following skills:
    ·       Usability/user research experience, ideally leading usability studies to develop audience-focused content and drive the establishment of a user-focused information architecture
    ·       Synthesizing research and applying it to drive content generation and editorial strategy
    ·       The ability to incorporate plain language standards
    ·       Experience working with and potentially leading cross-functional teams
    ·       The ability to advocate for incorporating the user and UX in organizations where this is sometimes still a new concept

    If you’d like to bring your skills to work with a dynamic organization focusing on improving our nation’s most critical services, and guide content to improve and enhance a user’s journey in interacting with their government, we’d love to talk to you. Questions? Reach out to Joe Giordano.

    Apply or learn more about open roles with USDS at: usds.gov/apply

    Pro tip: Check out these videos from Elevate virtual conferences to learn from women working at USDS: Girl Geeks Gone Gov featuring Martha Wilkes (Digital Services Expert – Design) and Lisa Koenigsberg (Digital Services Expert – Product); Every Day is Important in the Life of a 🍓 featuring Sheri Trivedi (Content Strategist); The Hardest Job I’ve Ever Loved: Building Solutions with the US Digital Service featuring Julie Meloni (Director of Product Management & Strategy/Operations).

“Optimize for results, not optics.
We don’t have shareholders except for everybody that pays taxes. We don’t make fancy presentations to the Board of Directors or whatever. We just need to show our results. If we’re showing results, that is the biggest optic that could possibly be. Let the results speak for themselves.”

– Julie Meloni speaking: The Hardest Job I’ve Ever Loved: Building Solutions with the US Digital Service

Think you’ve found your dream job in this list?

We highly recommend watching the video replays from the company’s Girl Geek Dinner or Elevate talks on YouTube to learn more about each organization, get to know some of their women leaders and technologists, and get an inside peek at what it’s like to work there.

We recommend reaching out to one or two speakers from the company directly via LinkedIn, Twitter, or email to strike up a conversation about the role, project or department you’re most interested in.

Remember, making a genuine human connection can help you stand out in a crowded talent market!

Good luck!!

Please let us know if you successfully land a job from this list, we’d love to hear about it!

Email us at hello@girlgeek.io