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Girl Geek X

Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner #130: Sponsored by Stitch Fix

Join Stitch Fix on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 from 5:30pm to 8pm for an evening of insightful conversation with our engineering and data science teams, dinner, drinks and networking!

Join Stitch Fix on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 from 5:30pm to 8pm for an evening of insightful conversation with our engineering and data science teams, dinner, drinks and networking!

Stitch Fix is stacked with amazing women! Led by female founder and CEO, Katrina Lake, who was named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business, an executive team that is two-thirds female, and a board that is half female, Stitch Fix is 75 percent female – an anomaly in Silicon Valley. Our engineering team is led by CTO Cathy Polinsky, making Stitch Fix a very great place for women to work! Come network with amazing women and hear reflections on our technology and culture from women in our technology teams.

Stitch Fix is the world’s leading online personal styling service. We blend the art of expert personal stylists with the science of machine learning to deliver apparel and accessories selected to fit our clients’ unique tastes, lifestyles and budgets. Our engineering team is a full-stack technology organization solving a wide range of problems: creating unique solutions in data-driven merchandising, massively scaled personal styling and complex, streamlined warehouse logistics, just to name a few! Our algorithms team is industry leading. We breathe data, developing cutting-edge algorithms to enable our company to be one of the most data-driven, metrics focused companies in the industry. Through the optimized use of machine learning and unique algorithms on our rich dataset, we are able to pioneer new techniques across our entire business.

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Stitch Fix Girl Geek Dinner Agenda

5:30pm – 6:30pm: Registration, Food & Drinks, Networking
6:30pm – 6:45pm: Intro by Cathy Polinsky: Reflections from a Female CTO
6:45pm – 7:00pm: Lightning Tech Talks on Data Science and UX
7:00pm – 7:30pm: Panel on Thriving as a Woman on an Engineering Team – Even when you’re the only woman on the team!
7:30pm – 8:00pm: Networking

About the Stitch Fix Girl Geeks – Bios

Cathy Polinsky (CTO, Stitch Fix) – SpeakerCathy Polinsky
Cathy is is the CTO at Stitch Fix. Prior to Stitch Fix, Cathy was an SVP of Engineering at Salesforce and led the team launching a new infrastructure for search. She also worked in software engineering and engineering management roles at Yahoo!, Oracle, and Amazon. Cathy has two daughters who love everything tech especially emojis, Scratch, Minecraft, VR and Khan Academy. Follow her on Twitter at @cathy_polinsky.

Cameron Jacoby (Software Engineer, Stitch Fix) – Lightning TalkCameron Jacoby
Cameron found coding by way of Merchandising, while working at Stitch Fix on the Jewelry & Accessories team. In 2014, she attended General Assembly’s full-stack web development immersive program. She’s now back at Stitch Fix, working on the tools that once made her job on the Merchandising team easier. Cameron loves traveling, teaching others to code, and looking at pictures of dogs on Instagram. Follow her on Twitter at @cejtweeets.

Ceslee Montgomery (Data Scientist, Stitch Fix) – MCCeslee Montgomery
Ceslee loves working at the intersection of people & data. At Stitch Fix she’s working on conversion & better data. Most recently, she’s worked across user/behavior data sources from social networks to wearables at companies like Mightybell and Pebble. She’s got a B.A. in Sociology from Stanford and hails from Arkansas. Her favorite things range from an unhealthy love of the Minions to movies/shows about megalomaniacs (i.e. House of Cards, There Will Be Blood, The Godfather). Follow her on Twitter at @cesleedineen.

Emma Colner (Software Engineer, Stitch Fix) – PanelistEmma Colner
Emma is a software engineer at Stitch Fix building tools that the merchandising team uses to manage our ever-increasing inventory. Prior to discovering the joys of building things that make people’s jobs better, she earned a PhD in cognitive neuroscience studying the behavioral and brain basis for how our attentional and emotional states affect our perception and cognition. Outside of work she spends all her time with her 6 month old son. She used to have hobbies but now doesn’t remember what they could’ve been. Follow her on Twitter at @meemameemameema.

Erin Boyle (Data Scientist, Stitch Fix) – Lightning SpeakerErin Boyle
Erin is a data scientist at Stitch Fix working on the Merchandise Algorithms Product Development team. She works with merch buyers and in-house designers, keeping them informed on the stylistic preferences of our clients by building statistics-backed tools. She also provides recommendations on data-driven designs. Erin completed a PhD in physical chemistry at the University of Wisconsin in 2014. Her thesis work was in the field of nonlinear spectroscopy. She subsequently did the Insight Data Science fellowship in Palo Alto. She’s been at Stitch Fix for 1.5 years.

Kim Ostler (Senior Software Engineer, Stitch Fix) – PanelistKim Ostler
Kim is a Senior Software Engineer working on tools merchandise buyers use to keep Stitch Fix’s inventory stocked with amazing apparel. She earned a B.S. degree in Computer Science with minors in Business and Dance from the University of Iowa. Kim gained diverse experience at Texas Instruments and Pearson before joining Stitch Fix 3 months ago. When not working, she enjoys volunteering, recreational biking, traveling, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying warmer (than Iowa) winters in Texas.

Nitika Daga (Software Engineer, Stitch Fix) – Panel ModeratorNitika Daga
Nitika is a software engineer at Stitch Fix working on tools used by the Merchandising team to make their jobs easier. She is originally from the east coast but has become a California convert after graduating from Berkeley in 2015. She’s worked in the fashion/tech space since graduating at companies like Polyvore and now, Stitch Fix. In her spare time she’s a huge national parks buff (her life goal is to visit all 59) and a bubble tea fanatic. Follow her on Twitter at @nitika_daga.

Rachel Bobbins (Software Engineer, Stitch Fix) – PanelistRachel Bobbins
Rachel is an engineer focused on Stitch Fix’s customer-facing software. Prior to Stitch Fix, she worked on a variety of projects at Pivotal Labs. Outside of work, she can usually be found cycling or golfing. Follow her on Twitter at @bobbins.

Sarah Poon (UX Designer, Stitch Fix) – Lightning TalkSarah Poon
Sarah is a UX designer at Stitch Fix who designs expert use tools that empower people to be better at their jobs. Prior to Stitch Fix, she worked for the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab designing software for scientific data analysis. You’d be surprised by how many parallels can be drawn between science and fashion! When not designing, she is often running herself ragged taking care of her 2 children, 1 dog, and 6 chickens.

Event Tickets & Details

Tickets on sale starting at 12:00pm PST on January 18, 2017 at Eventbrite! Donations are non-refundable. All proceeds go toward need-based scholarships for women to learn to code at Hackbright Academy, an engineering school for women.