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Girl Geek X Amazon Music Dinner – April 12th, 2018 in San Francisco!

Girl Geek X Amazon Music Dinner

Please join us for an evening of networking and talks highlighting the work of innovative women at Amazon Music! Join us at a Girl Geek X Amazon Music Dinner on Thursday, April 12th, 2018 in San Francisco — Enjoy a drink, have a bite and listen to Amazon Music’s latest beats!


5:00pm – 6:00pm: Check-in + Networking!
6:00pm – 7:00pm: Welcome & Amazon Music Girl Geek Speakers!
7:00pm – 7:30pm: Q&A Session
7:30pm – 8:00pm: Raffle Giveaways + More Networking!

Amazon Music Girl Geek Speaker Bios:

Skji ConklinSkji Conklin, Senior Product Manager, Amazon Music
Skji is a Senior Product Manager leading Amazon Music web and desktop products as well as several cross-platform initiatives. She graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with her Bachelor’s in Computer Science and has 8 years of experience as a product manager in industry at startups, Microsoft, and Amazon. Prior to joining Amazon Music in 2016, she has had a breadth of experience working with different technologies and verticals to deliver products such as a service monitoring and telemetry platform, Office personalization services, group collaboration device, and a retail analytics suite. She is passionate about inventing and delivering innovative customer experiences that have a positive impact on people’s lives around the world.

Talk Description: The product management role is inherently ambiguous. The roles and responsibilities of a PM can vary widely and change quickly depending on the company, team, and product. We will use a framework to examine the types of product management roles in industry and the different skills in which they excel. To highlight the unique opportunities with real world examples, we will examine how each PM archetype maps to roles and responsibilities at Amazon Music. The framework is designed to help early career PMs and those interested in transitioning to a PM role find the best individual contributor product management position to match his or her unique passions and skillset.

Kat EllisKat Ellis, Applied Scientist, Amazon Music Machine Learning
Kat is an Applied Scientist on the Amazon Music Machine Learning team. She works on music recommendation and personalization, and is interested in ways to apply deep learning to personalization problems with complex data sources. She started at Amazon Music a year and half ago, after finishing her Ph.D. at UC San Diego in 2016. Her Ph.D. thesis was on machine learning approaches to physical activity recognition from wearable sensor data.

Talk Description: This talk will give an overview of the science behind music recommendations at Amazon. She’ll start with an overview of recommender systems in general and dive into some of the unique aspects of music recommendation.

Trupti Devdas NayakTrupti Devdas Nayak, Software Development Manager, Amazon Music
Trupti is a Software Development Manager at Amazon Music, leading one of Music’s core playback engineering teams. She has over a decade of experience working across the tech stack while leading teams at big companies like Yahoo! and Chegg, as well as startups like Quixey and StyleSeat. After completing her Masters in Computer Science at State University of New York at Buffalo where she majored in Artificial Intelligence and programmed interactive Virtual Reality agents for an immersive drama, Trupti interned at Honda Research Institute and worked with ASIMO the humanoid robot. She then joined Yahoo! where she built large scale applications like Yahoo! Mail for over 6+ years while leading engineering teams in Sunnyvale, Tokyo and Bangalore. Trupti is passionate about creating innovative, intuitive software applications that have a positive impact on millions of users worldwide. She is excited to be building products at Amazon that enrich people’s lives through Music.

Talk Description: From switching roles between Individual Contributor to Engineering Manager and vice versa, from leading teams in big companies to wearing multiple hats at mid-stage and early-stage startups, hear from Trupti about the importance of trying out new roles, constantly acquiring new skills and how to find the best fit for what you’re looking for in your career. Trupti will share her insights and learnings from working in Silicon Valley for over 13 years and how she has found the best combination of People, Product and Impact at Amazon.

Amina ShabbeerAmina Shabbeer, Applied Scientist, Amazon Music Machine Learning
Amina is a Machine Learning Scientist at Amazon Music. She works on building conversational AI systems for intuitive and engaging Music experiences on Alexa. She enjoys teaching and taught a course in Reinforcement Learning at Amazon’s Machine Learning University. Prior to Amazon, she worked at IBM on combinatorial optimization problems to provide availability and performance guarantees through component failures and system expansion in distributed data warehouses. Amina’s PhD was on nonconvex nonsmooth optimization problems for bioinformatics. Her work involved building mathematical models and tools for control, understanding, prevention and treatment of tuberculosis.

Talk Description: In this talk, Amina will provide a high-level overview of Reinforcement Learning (RL), defining the Agent-Environment Interface and Markov Decision Processes. She will discuss a hypothetical problem of defining a chatbot as an RL task. Amina will also share her experience teaching a graduate level course on RL at Amazon’s Machine Learning University.

Arshia KhanArshia Khan, Senior Software Development Engineer, Amazon Music for Alexa and Voice Experiences
Arshia is an experienced full stack engineer who has been at Amazon for the past 6 years. She began her career here by working as the sole developer on the music web player client application. To explore some of the scaling and infrastructure challenges, she moved to the backend service teams responsible for music library, account and family management. Last year she moved to Seattle and switched to the teams supporting music for the Alexa ecosystem, which powers the Echo voice experience. Prior to joining Amazon she worked on a range of technologies and applications for the state of Indiana through the company NIC after initially starting her career at Interactions, a VOIP based startup. She completed her undergrad with a focus on Psychology and Computer Science at Ball State University after attending the Illinois Math & Science Academy.

Talk Description: From GUI to VUI – A Look At Transitioning Development Focus: This is an overview of some of the unique technical and career challenges faced as you transition between different development domains. This talk will focus around front end work on GUI (graphical user interface) applications, backend services with APIs and the newest addition of VUI (voice user interface) handling with some insight around finding and creating a path for growth and success.

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