Trupti Devdas Nayak

Trupti is a Software Development Manager at Amazon Music, leading one of Music’s core playback engineering teams. She has over a decade of experience working across the tech stack while leading teams at big companies like Yahoo! and Chegg, as well as startups like Quixey and StyleSeat. After completing her Masters in Computer Science at State University of New York at Buffalo where she majored in Artificial Intelligence and programmed interactive Virtual Reality agents for an immersive drama, Trupti interned at Honda Research Institute and worked with ASIMO the humanoid robot. She then joined Yahoo! where she built large scale applications like Yahoo! Mail for over 6+ years while leading engineering teams in Sunnyvale, Tokyo and Bangalore. Trupti is passionate about creating innovative, intuitive software applications that have a positive impact on millions of users worldwide. She is excited to be building products at Amazon that enrich people’s lives through Music.