Yunwen Tu

Yunwen Tu, also known as Tutu, is a user experience designer. As a UX designer focusing on user research and design, she enjoys capturing user needs and exploring how technology, such as AI, can assist users to achieve their goals. In addition to her UX design work, she also explores the future food system and food education with design methods. Her work has been featured in pop-up exhibitions at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, FoodInno Symposium, California Academy of Sciences, and Chinese Culture Center in San Francisco.



Beyond the Algorithm: Human Element in Developing Trustworthy AI

Trustworthy artificial intelligence amplifies the judgement of the users of the system, instead of simply trusting the technology. To build trust, you must start with the user and continuously monitor the data (e.g. training, outputs). Humans must be involved at all steps of the model design, development, production, and deployment to build trust in the system. Learn how to gain insight into designing for users, and how to develop human-centered AI requiring human-centered design.