Yun Freund

Dr. Yun Freund serves as Vice President of Engineering at Equinix, leading the global Product Engineering organization. Previously, Yun worked as the VP of Engineering at GE Digital for over 5 years and has been instrumental in building Predix Industrial Internet Platform and driving Digital Transformation with GE business units. Yun also worked at Cisco leading Cloud Services Platform for large enterprise and service providers. Yun has taught graduate computer science courses at San Jose State University as Adjunct Professor and has a PhD in Computer Science. Yun is an executive speaker at various STEM and Women leadership panels and embraces diversity and inclusion in her values.



Girl Geek X Equinix Lightning Talks

Girl Geeks gathered at Equinix's Sunnyvale office to hear lightning talks from Sara Baack, Chief Product Officer; Dr. Yun Freund, VP of Engineering; Dr. Danjue Li, Director of Product Engineering; Rozanne Stoman, Director of Applications; Dipti Srivastava, Senior Manager, Product Software Architecture & Engineering.