Whitney Stewart

Whitney is a Senior Azure Solution Specialist – Infrastructure at Microsoft. In her role she serves as the overall migration and modernization Azure sales leads working with software customers on their cloud infrastructure transformation goals. Prior to Microsoft, Whitney spent six years at Intel across multiple sales and product roles most recently as a Field Sales Engineer where she collaborated across software and hardware engineering and sales to deploy embedded product designs and drive compute and networking consumption with her customers. Prior to Intel, Whitney worked at an aviation startup and before that a public sector software firm focused on local, state and federal systems transformation. The product of a military family, Whitney enjoys traveling and trying new foods with her husband, friends and family. Whitney also enjoys reading science fiction, singing and performing with her guitarist Peter, and spending time with her husband Charles and their dog Max.



Cloud Migration Trends: What You Should Know

Whitney Stewart (Senior Cloud Solution Specialist at Microsoft) will discuss the typical cloud migration journey (from on-prem to cloud), multi-cloud security and compliance, AI and automation (common trends issues with migration: explain multi / hybrid cloud, legacy system and app migrations, security and compliance consideration, and AI / automation trends common with cloud). She will talk about skills services to know, large language models, automation / production services to make life easier, and AI ethics and considerations.