Vandana Sharma

Vandana Sharma is a seasoned business tech expert with 17+ years’ experience in complex enterprise solutions, specializing in ecommerce. She excels in addressing industry issues, including ecommerce payments, fraud detection, and tax calculations globally. Vandana streamlined practices at top firms like eBay, Cisco, Synopsys, Genpact, and IBM.

As a trusted digital transformation advisor, Vandana leads multi-million-dollar innovation projects. Her contribution in ecommerce payment tech establishes her as a seasoned industry professional, inspiring peers to push boundaries. She authored papers like ‘Payment processing engines for ecommerce’ and ‘Using Cards for payments in ecommerce’ and reviews fintech publications.

She has served as a judge for prestigious awards, including the Globee Leadership and Women in Business awards. Her career reflects her profound impact on business and technology, promoting progress and excellence.