Tiana S. Clark

Tiana S. Clark has been a culture change agent for the past 20 years: as a US Air Force Veteran & Airman of the Year leading troops in war target strategy; as a former at-risk middle school teacher, bringing exceptionality out of her students; as a nonprofit founder in the city of San Antonio, where her organization won an award from Big Brothers Big Sisters; and in two Fortune Top 10 companies –Valero Energy Corp as a Global Business Analyst and Microsoft, where she is currently the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Commercial Marketing Director and a Senior Leader of the Blacks at Microsoft (BAM) Chicago. Tiana is also the Creator and Executive Producer of Soci Circle, the Hollywood-award-winning web series critically acclaimed as the Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood of this generation. Soci Circle addresses social issues, diversity, and inclusion for pre-teen girls. Tiana holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a Master of Science in Educational Leadership. She is a wife, a mother of four, an aspiring foodie, and a world traveler. Two of the most amazing things she’s ever done: fly an F-15 Eagle fighter jet over England and sip champagne on the tarmac afterwards and birth two babies at home in the bath tub—and eat pizza right afterwards.  



Military Transition: Vets in Tech

In this session, female vets will share their stories and experiences transitioning into the world of tech. With varied backgrounds, careers, roles, and branches, vets are hardly a monolith and their stories are as varied as they are similar. Join us as they share the challenges and upsides of their amazing journeys.