Theresa Piasta

Theresa Piasta is the Founder of Puppy Mama, a PetTech platform offering community and convenience to dog moms around the world, and Author and book designer of published book: Raising a Doodle: Heartwarming Stories from Dog Parents around the World. Before founding Puppy Mama, Theresa Piasta was a Vice President at J.P.Morgan – spending six years in the Investment Bank and Sales & Trading businesses at two Wall Street banks. Prior to that she served as an Army Captain in a Field Artillery Brigade and served fourteen months in Iraq, where she was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for her leadership. Theresa attended Stanford GSB Ignite in 2016 and received a B.A. in economics from Wellesley College in 2006.  



Military Transition: Vets in Tech

In this session, female vets will share their stories and experiences transitioning into the world of tech. With varied backgrounds, careers, roles, and branches, vets are hardly a monolith and their stories are as varied as they are similar. Join us as they share the challenges and upsides of their amazing journeys.