Tanvi Shah

Tanvi is a product leader with 13+ years of industry experience. She has deep knowledge on product and product led growth in industries like ecommerce, marketplaces, search and more (eBay, Zillow, Wish). She was an engineer before becoming a PM. She uses user empathy and structured thinking to bridge the gap between the technical and the product worlds. She also advises startups on product and growth strategy. She is also passionate about giving back and mentors aspiring PMs. She is also a working parent, a dancer and is learning to play the piano.



Prepping for Execution: Metrics Interviews for Product Managers

Feeling nervous about your product interviews? Prepping for execution and metrics questions? In this ELEVATE session, Tanvi Shah (Principal Product Manager at Upwork) will share why metrics are important, and how to find North Star metrics. Attendees will be able to practice answering questions around North Star Metrics after attending this can’t miss session!