Dr. Sylvia Martin

Sylvia is an innovative, strategic, and compassionate leader in healthcare. Her passion to inspire, develop and empower others creates a psychologically safe environment, where the whole and authentic person is valued. Sylvia holds the belief that innovation and creativity are born through listening to others, creating community, and empowering everyone to be courageous with ideas, in advocacy for self and others. Her 20+ year journey in healthcare has led her through many different aspects of healthcare and this contributes to a strong, compassionate and inclusive leadership style. Sylvia is a graduate of Yale University, where she earned her Doctorate degree.



Mastering Effective Interviewing Skills and Situational Interviews in a Professional Setting

Dr. Sylvia Martin (Chief Nursing Officer at Kaiser Permanente) will be sharing how to prepare for an interview, understanding how to engage and connect with an interview panel. She covers interview goals, building rapport, command and executive presence – with a focus on situational interviews. Attendees leave with her framework for success and over a dozen interview tips for success.