Suzanna Khatchatrian

Suzanna Khatchatrian is a Senior Manager for the Product Security Foundations team at Slack. Over her short tenure at Slack, Suzanna built a brand new team within Product Security that is focused more on proactive security measurements by delivering secure by default libraries and services for Slack. Suzanna is also an active participant in evolving and shaping Slack engineering leadership team and its culture via internship and career development programs. Prior to joining Slack, Suzanna worked for IBM for almost 20 years. In her last role at IBM she was in charge of Watson Data Platform Security and DevOps teams.  Suzanna has also played a critical role in the design and development of various IBM Analytics software products. She has several invention disclosures in the areas of Business Intelligence and Data Management. As one of the founding members of the Armenian International Women’s Association (AIWA)  San Francisco affiliate, Suzanna currently serves on the AIWA SF board, where she is leading the scholarship committee and internship programs.  Suzanna holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and an M.S. degree in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon.



Proactive Security at Slack

Suzanna Khatchatrian (Senior Engineering Manager, Product Security at Slack) covers how Slack innovates in proactive security approaches and delivers secure by default libraries and services.