Susan Gonzales

Susan Gonzales brings years of experience in technology, community outreach, and policy to AIandYou. Susan co-chairs education and awareness on the National AI Advisory Committee (NAIAC), advising President Biden and the Administration on the National AI Initiative.

Susan created AIandYou, a nonprofit to educate marginalized communities about artificial intelligence to prepare them for AI’s risks, benefits, and opportunities in easy-to-understand languages. Susan brings a unique perspective from Washington, D.C., policy, and Silicon Valley to this work. Previously, Susan was a policy exec with Facebook, tech, and telecom companies. Susan sits on the Boards of EqualAI and the Eva Longoria Foundation.



AI & The 2024 Election

AI is playing a significant role in the 2024 election and others. Understanding how AI can impact your vote and what you need to do to protect it is more important than ever. Susan Gonzales (AIandYou CEO & Founder) will discuss why this election is different, what you should expect with AI, and how to protect your vote. Women and other marginalized communities greatly influenced recent elections – now is the time to understand the impact.