Sun-Mi Choi

Sun-Mii (“Sunny”) was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. She completed her education in Germany, started a dual education program with Siemens in Germany after her high school graduation. This included a bachelor degree in business administration while working and rotating in multiple Siemens divisions and functions. After her education, she started as a Commercial Project Manager at Siemens in Hamburg. In 2010 she decided to go to Seoul, South Korea to get her MBA degree as well as explore her original Korean roots and learn more about the Korean culture. In 2012 she returned to Germany to join Bosch’s Management Trainee Program. After completion of this program, she started at Bosch HQ in the Corporate Marketing and Sales department as a senior in-house consultant for new business models and pricing. In 2015 she went to Shanghai for three years to serve as the Chief of Staff to the Bosch member of the board of Management who was responsible for Asia Pacific. Sunny has always had passion for driving innovation, transformation and collaboration across different cultures. Since the beginning of this year, Sunny joined Bosch in Sunnyvale and is globally responsible for business development and strategy for new, progressive mobility players. Progressive Mobility Players are categorized in two main customer segments, such as the New Electric Vehicle manufacturers, or Mobility service providers that offer Mobility as a Service, e.g Uber and Lyft. In her personal life, she loves doing sports, such as playing soccer, tennis or beach volleyball, which is a new hobby she discovered ever since she moved to California.



Girl Geek X Bosch Lightning Talks

On August 21, 2019 more than 150 girl geeks attended tech talks at Bosch's Sunnyvale office. Lightning talk topics included IoT, AI, and Human Machine Interaction.