Stephany Varga

Senior software engineering manager by day, guitarist and motorbiker by night, Stephany has been building pages and features on Zendesk since November 2012. Her career in web development began with a little pet sitting website built in Frontpage Express and has advanced into a Graphic Communications degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, a stretch at Experts Exchange as a web designer, front-end development agency contracts for Cisco, Bethesda Softworks and Research In Motion’s Blackberry team, an escapade in Spain maintaining a company’s expatriate community website built from HAML, CoffeeScript, and Ruby, and a brief poaching stint at a very large software development company in South San Francisco that helped her realize how she desperately needed to return to Zendesk’s awesome full-stack shop. In addition to being code-inclined, she carries a strong passion for beautiful interface development because of her background in design.