Stephanie Stattel

Stephanie Stattel (she/her/hers) is a senior software developer at Bloomberg, where she is developing applications to improve financial professionals’ research and investment workflows. She is also a San Francisco lead of the company’s global Bloomberg Women in Tech (BWIT) community. Since joining Bloomberg in 2011, she has worked on several products, including Bloomberg’s customer service application; technical analysis/charts; and a financial data science platform based on Jupyter notebooks, where she also contributed to the Jupyter open source project. She is currently on an infrastructure team providing framework for client-facing applications at Bloomberg, contributing to projects focused on extending and evolving the UI layer of the Bloomberg toolkit, which runs in an embedded Chromium environment. She earned her master’s degree in physics from UCLA, a bachelor’s degree in applied physics from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree in physics from College of the Holy Cross.



Girl Geek X Bloomberg Engineering Panel Discussion, Fireside Chat, and Lightning Talk

The Bloomberg Engineering Girl Geek Dinner featured a panel discussion on “How to Thrive in Open Source Communities,” a fireside chat on “Taking an Employee Resource Group (or Community) from Idea to Impact” and a lightning talk on “How to Find Your Dream Job in Tech.” This event was recorded on January 30, 2020 at Bloomberg Engineering's San Francisco office.