Stephanie J. Neill

Stephanie has more than 15 years of experience as a Product person, the past decade of which has included people management across functions – product managers, user researchers and experience designers, content strategists, product analysts, software and site reliability engineers, and procurement specialists.

Stephanie has led teams and leveraged her core strengths to drive innovation and unlock business value through strong user-focused product strategies. From her beginnings as a PM at a tiny stealth startup to her journey across internet media powerhouses such as NY Times & IAC, to her most recent role as a “single threaded leader” overseeing a team of 35 technologists in the White House, Stephanie has stepped into teams that were struggling and invigorated people to work together to accomplish incredible feats, such as reducing asylum wait times under a hostile administration, and building a system that permitted almost XX% of “Green Card” renewals to go from a year+ wait to near-instantaneous approval.

Stephanie brought that talent to Twitch in 2019 and stepped into Commerce during a period of team unrest — to mitigate, she developed a cohesive product strategy and rallied her team against a user-focused vision. She then empowered her team through key process improvements that allowed them to innovate, such as with opportunity assessments and quarterly roadmap planning framework, which together created a quantum leap in how the team thinks about creating value for our users.



Building High Performance Teams

Have you wondered how to scale effective product leadership? In this ELEVATE session, Stephanie J. Neill (Vice President, Product, Twitch at Amazon) will discuss how a high-performance product team is crucial to shipping the right product at the right time. From evolving responsibilities and onboarding new team members, attendees will learn how product leaders can build teams with big impact, and what it takes to do the same at your organization.