Stacy Kornluebke

Stacy is the Manager of Training and Documentation at Sumo Logic, ensuring the growth and quality of the Customer Learning Experience at Sumo Logic. Prior to Sumo Logic, Stacy ran a Cloud documentation shared service at Cisco, ensuring that several groups had the Cloud writers necessary to their success. Stacy has a passion for engaging users in the ways that they learn most effectively and also for traveling whenever she can with her three sons.



A Culture Of Service & Listening to Your Customers: Girl Geek X Sumo Logic Dinner & Talks

Over a hundred girl geeks met for networking & talks at Girl Geek X Sumo Logic Dinner. Sumo Logic women sharing insights on actively listening to customers and creating a culture of service, having developed some simple ways to get some big wins! Sumo Logic speakers include: Shea Kelly (VP People), Bret Scofield (UX Research Team Lead), Riya Singh (Senior Software Engineer & Team Lead), Stacy Kornluebke (Training & Documentation Manager), and Jen Brown (Compliance & Data Protection Officer). This event was recorded on September 10, 2018 at Sumo Logic's Redwood City headquarters in California.