Soundarya Chandar

Soundarya Chandar is a seasoned senior product manager with a proven track record of success at prominent tech companies. Currently, she leads growth for small and medium businesses on Instagram. Before Meta, she was a lead product manager at Yelp, where she spearheaded a team managing over 10,000 US restaurants and launched Yelp Waitlist Kiosk, driving growth and innovation in the restaurant technology industry. With past roles at StyleSeat, eBay Marketplaces, and an internship at Sears Holdings, her expertise is backed by a Master’s in Information Systems Management from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from India. Beyond her professional endeavors, she supports entrepreneurs in product development, growth, and vision execution. She is a devoted mentor and advocate for women in tech. She inspires and empowers others through mentorship, panel discussions, organizing events within Women in Product employee resource groups and social media engagement.