Sonali Sambhus

Sonali leads the consumer front-end engineering development organization for realtor.com. If you have used Realtor.com for your home search on either the Web or smart phone app, you’re using what Sonali’s team builds! Sonali is also a passionate advocate for women in the workforce. Sonali spearheads the Inspiring Women @ RDC Club and has written a book on this topic in her past life! Prior to joining realtor.com, Sonali was a VP of Engineering at Vuclip, leading the entire Engineering organization for Vuclip. Prior to that she started a company ’10jumps’ which specialized in Data Analytics and went through a successful acquisition.

Sonali is on the panel at Realtor.com Girl Geek Dinner.



Girl Geek X Realtor.com Dinner & Talks

Over 150 women came together for a Girl Geek X Realtor.com dinner on October 24, 2018 at the Realtor.com headquarters in Santa Clara, California - speakers talked about advancing the digital real estate industry by using big data, customer insights, market analysis, and design thinking.