Shelby Heinecke

Shelby is a Senior Research Scientist at Salesforce Research developing new AI methods for research and product. Her work spans from theory-driven robust machine learning algorithms, to practical methods and toolkits for addressing robustness in applied NLP and recommendation systems. She holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from University of Illinois at Chicago, M.S. in Mathematics from Northwestern, and B.S. in Mathematics from MIT.



Girl Geek X MosaicML Lightning Talks

Over 120 girl geeks joined networking and lightning talks from women working in machine learning at @mosaicml6047, Meta AI, Atomwise, Salesforce Research, OpenAI, Amazon, and Hala Systems. Speakers discuss efficient machine learning training with MosaicML, reinforcement learning, ML-based drug discovery with AtomNet, evaluating recommendation robustness with RGRecSys, turning generative models into products at OpenAI, seeking the bigger picture at AWS, and building high performance diverse teams. This sold-out Girl Geek X Dinner was recorded on May 12, 2022 at MosaicML's Palo Alto office in Playground Global. MosaicML is hiring!