Sharadha Ramakrishnan

Sharadha is an Engineering Manager on the Metrics Team at Yelp. Her team currently builds and maintains the infrastructure for metrics, on the order of millions per second, that are critical to monitoring the performance of Yelp’s infrastructure and backend systems. She was previously on the Distributed Systems Team, contributing to building the job processing system and Cassandra deployments. Before joining Yelp, she worked as a full stack engineer at a number of startups including famo.us, Lumoid.com, PacketZoom, and Orangescape. She started her career in engineering by founding her own company in Chennai, which provided software services for companies in the US. In her free time, she mentors people who are interested in entering the tech field and enjoys an alternate career as a photographer. She’s a vegetarian, loves hiking, and sings whenever an opportunity presents itsel