Shalini Agarwal

Shalini Agarwal is the Director of Engineering at LinkedIn, responsible for building core experience of Sales Solutions enterprise product. Before this, she was responsible for delivering scalable Search and Data Applications while managing a global team at LinkedIn. Shalini spent nearly a decade at eBay where she shaped buyer experience and transformed her career from individual contributor to management. She is leading LinkedIn’s REACH apprenticeship program since its inception, a program to hire talent coming from non-linear pathways to LinkedIn’s engineering team. She has been part of Women in Tech programs for over 10 years. Her passion lies in building great software, business applications and empowering women.



Investing in Others

From being the first in her family to go to college and deciding to study engineering on a whim to being the VP of Engineering at LinkedIn and supporting its 675M users, Erica Lockheimer will share tales from the trenches along with practical advice for those seeking to follow in her footsteps.