Selina Tobaccowala

Selina is an entrepreneur and software product executive. She co-founded Evite and led engineering teams at Ticketmaster and SurveyMonkey. She currently works at Gixo, a company she co-founded, and serves on the board of Redfin.



Absorbed into the Borg: What Happens After Your Startup is Acquired

At Girl Geek X "Elevate" conference, Claire Vo (VP of Product Management, Optimizely), Selina Tobaccowala (Founder, Gixo/Evite) and Sarah Allen (Founder, RailsBridge & Engineering Manager, Google) share their journeys in entrepreneurial leadership with Shanea King-Roberson (Senior Technical Product Manager, eBay). What’s life like after your startup is acquired by a larger company? How does your role as a leader change?