Sarah Staley

Sarah is a highly-experienced communications strategist with demonstrated leadership executing company-wide critical programs. For twenty years, Sarah has led communications, marketing, built partnerships and evangelized authentic voice and audience optimization. Sarah works across realtor.com as a trusted advisor and authority in voice. In her prior roles at VMware, Stanford, Apple, the Clinton Administration, and as a news reporter, Sarah has proven ability to lead and successfully navigate between tactical and strategic objectives, blend with best practices, and deliver success.

Sarah will be talking about the power of intersecting with others using your personal story and will facilitate the panel discussion.



Girl Geek X Realtor.com Dinner & Talks

Over 150 women came together for a Girl Geek X Realtor.com dinner on October 24, 2018 at the Realtor.com headquarters in Santa Clara, California - speakers talked about advancing the digital real estate industry by using big data, customer insights, market analysis, and design thinking.