Sarah Knoop

Sarah is a Senior Engineering Program Manager, Health Special Projects at Apple. Previously, Sarah was a Senior Technical Staff Member and the manager of the Mobile Health Solutions Innovation team in IBM Watson Health. She and her team are pioneering new, cognitive analytics-backed, mobile health and wellness solutions with our foundational healthcare partners. Just prior to joining Watson Health in May 2015, Sarah was the Senior Manager of Discovery Solutions at the IBM Research – Almaden in San Jose, CA where she worked across research disciplines to explore new physical and analytic technologies for the Internet of Things. Sarah’s roots at IBM are in the Healthcare Informatics Research Department at IBM Research – Almaden. For nearly a decade, she held various leadership roles across a diverse technical team of researchers and software developers in order to advance the state of the art for public health informatics and healthcare data integration through the evolution of healthcare IT standards, open source software and novel technology additions to IBM’s product portfolio.