Sara Gardner

Sara was the Chief Technology Officer for Hitachi Insight Group (IoT). She is passionate about data of all shapes and sizes and the undoubtedly transformative impact of the Internet of Things. Sara’s tech career spans 30 years working primarily in data management and analytics. Her expertise includes IoT, Analytics, Video Analytics, Machine Learning and AI, Big Data, DBMS and Data Warehousing. Prior to HDS she held Product Management, Strategy and Product Marketing leadership positions at Oracle, HP and Ingres. She grew up in the UK and was always passionate about Math and Computers at High School, programming at home in Basic on a Sinclair ZX80. This led to an Engineering Apprenticeship in Defense Engineering in the early 1980s combined with a Computer Science Degree in a class where men outnumbered women 50:1. She yearns for a day when that ratio is reversed!