Sara Daqiq

Sara lives to build great products for businesses; a no-nonsense developer, she currently works at Okta – an identity management company – as a developer support engineer. In this role, she speaks with developers and helps them with implementation and workflow of their SDKs. Sara enjoys helping others learn to code; she was a teacher for two summers for Girls Who Code and a code coach at theCoderSchool. In addition, she is passionate about women’s rights, helping women get financially independent, and working with women around the world to help them develop useful skills. In pursuit of this goal, she founded AccessLocal, an organization that teaches underprivileged females in rural Afghanistan literacy and financial planning. Sara graduated from Georgetown College with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems. On her free time, she enjoys bike riding, yoga, and going to the gym.



Girl Geek X Okta Lightning Talks

Over 100 girl geeks attended Okta Girl Geek Dinner to hear lightning talks on product, engineering, UX design, and how to balance security and usability - and accessibility! Speakers include Maggie Law (Director of Product Design), Angie Song and Helen Chen (Software Engineers), Jade Feng (Product Manager), and Sara Daqiq (Developer Support Engineer). This event was recorded on March 20, 2019 at Okta HQ in San Francisco.