Sanchika Gupta

Sanchika is a data scientist with experience in the field of technology, cyber security and human centered AI. As a data scientist, she works with massive datasets and to gather meaningful insights. This involves exploratory, descriptive, prescriptive, and cognitive analysis of the data – and using AI and the power of machine learning to solve complicated problems – then explain them to stakeholders in human understandable form. In a former life, Sanchika was a professor.



Beyond the Algorithm: Human Element in Developing Trustworthy AI

Trustworthy artificial intelligence amplifies the judgement of the users of the system, instead of simply trusting the technology. To build trust, you must start with the user and continuously monitor the data (e.g. training, outputs). Humans must be involved at all steps of the model design, development, production, and deployment to build trust in the system. Learn how to gain insight into designing for users, and how to develop human-centered AI requiring human-centered design.