Sam Novak

Sam is a Senior Product Designer with over 7 years of experience across communication and product design. She currently works at Mode Analytics, a data platform that aims to empower analysts to answer the most impactful and complex business questions for their businesses. She has always been captivated by the idea of taking something that many find to be really inaccessible and intimidating and make it as approachable as possible. Before coming to Mode she was a User Experience designer at TechSmith, a screen capture and video company that builds desktop applications like Snagit and Camtasia. Sam has an MA in the Arts & Humanities from Michigan State University, and a specialization in design. She loves to play the piano, cheer on the Michigan State Spartans in football and basketball, cook and eat delicious concoctions, and dress up for a night of karaoke.



Mode Girl Geek Dinner & Lightning Talks: "Limitless"

Mode lightning talks included feedback loops, psychological safety in teams, how everyone is really in sales, and what Ops really does.