Rosanne Liu

Rosanne is a research scientist in Google Brain, and co-founder and executive director of ML Collective, a nonprofit organization for open collaboration and accessible mentorship. Before that she was a founding member of Uber AI. She has published research at NeurIPS, ICLR, ICML, Science and other top venues, and her work has been covered by WIRED, MIT Tech Review, Fortune and others. She obtained her PhD in Computer Science at Northwestern University; while at school she used neural networks to help discover novel materials, and to optimize fuel efficiency in hybrid vehicles. Outside of research, she supports underrepresented communities, and organizes symposiums, workshops, and a weekly reading group “Deep Learning: Classics and Trends” since 2018. She serves as the Diversity Equity & Inclusion co-chair of ICLR 2022. She is currently thinking deeply how to democratize AI research even further, and improve the diversity and fairness of the field, while working on multiple fronts of machine learning research including understanding training dynamics, rethinking model capacity and scaling. Through all these efforts she wants to make neural networks a better place—both to understand the science behind it better, and to make it a more fulfilling field to work in.