Rohan Kapoor

Rohan is a Senior Software Engineer at Indeed who is based in San Francisco, California. He works on the Job Alerts team, where he has worked on a variety of projects including the AMP email. More recently, he spent a quarter as a lead at Indeed University, helping our incoming University Hires work on new projects and learn Indeed’s data-driven approach to product development. Rohan is passionate about open source software, loves hackathons and is a home automation enthusiast.



Girl Geek X + Indeed Lightning Talks and Panel

Hear from women who help get people jobs! The evening at Indeed began with tech talks on A/B testing and AMP for email, followed by a “Women in Leadership” panel. We heard from several women in technical leadership roles, from open source, to software engineering, at Indeed, to hear how they navigated their roles in a male dominated industry, how they were able to find work at a company that supports them, and how they continue to shape the company culture. This event was recorded on November 5, 2019 at Indeed's San Francisco HQ.