Reeny Sondhi

Reeny Sondhi is the Chief Security Officer for Autodesk. Reeny is responsible for driving the company’s security strategy for its infrastructure, products, and services. She previously led product security engineering for EMC, now part of Dell. Reeny also serves on the board of Rapid7, a growth business in cybersecurity. She made a transition to security after many years in product management launching multiple hardware and software products.With over 25 years in technology, Reeny enjoys building teams that bring pragmatism and creativity to complex problems and can inspire others toward one vision.



Become the Role Model You Wish You Had

Often the only woman in the room for many years, Reeny Sondhi (Chief Security Officer at Autodesk) and Susanna Holt (VP of Strategic Technologies at Autodesk), will talk about what it takes to forge your unique path to leadership with consistent and focused work. How do you tackle the subtle constraints? How do you navigate the important yet challenging role of allies? How do you recognize your worth and learn to own it? How do you do keep honing your voice? Hear from them on these topics and more – their stories will inspire you to become your own guiding star.