Rachael Rekart

Rachael leads the Machine Assistance team at Autodesk, responsible for developing and delivering the Autodesk Virtual Agent. Autodesk Virtual Agent currently has over 60,000 conversations with customers per month and has reduced call resolution times for our most repetitive support contacts by 99%, enabling our agents to focus on more complex customer issues. Rachael believes that AI and machine learning will continue to redefine the way Autodesk engages with customers for their service and support needs. She is an active evangelist of AI both inside and outside the company, speaking about Autodesk Virtual Agent’s evolution and capabilities at the Business of Bots and AI Expo conferences, as well as to companies such as Accenture and VISA. Prior to MASE, Rachael led Autodesk teams focused on implementing process optimizations and system improvements to ensure sustainable business growth. Before joining Autodesk in early 2013, Rachael worked in demand planning and supply chain management.