Nas Hajia

Nas Hajia started in R&D and quickly found her way to the realm of information security and data protection when she noticed the gap in security practices in research environments. She has experience as the security architect for both large enterprise-wide solutions as well as client-focused product security solutions in different financial, research, telecommunications, and data services industries. She lives in the Bay Area, is an avid camper and proud plant parent and has a side interest in debates.



Next-Gen Solutions: Leveraging AI for Smarter Security Risk Decisions

With the prevalence of specialized tools tailored to security monitoring and posture checking, there is an opportunity for organizations to automate the risk registry feeds and reporting structure. In this ELEVATE session, Nas Hajia (Security Architect at Autodesk) will review some of the commonly seen pitfalls and review options to avoid them. She will share lessons learned in the realms of People, Process, Technology, and Data that are shared between organizations.