Mina Markham

Mina Markham is a Sass-lovin’ front-end architect in Brooklyn, NY. She’s actively involved in the tech community, founding the Dallas chapter Girl Develop It, teaching for Black Girls Code and organizing Front Porch. As a developer at Hillary for America, she specializes in building responsive applications and modular CSS architecture. Mina has presented at various conferences and events, including Front-End Design ConferenceDistillO’Reilly Fluent and Collision. When she’s not crafting sites or teaching others, Mina is probably in her kitchen baking something chocolatey.



Transitioning From IC to Manager, and How To Lead If Management is Not For You

Considering a transition from Individual Contributor (IC) to Manager for yourself or know someone who is? In this panel, Slack engineers and managers discuss whether it’s the right choice, how to do it successfully, and how to do leadership if you don’t transition to manager. Slack engineering leaders discuss how to stay motivated and engaged with your work, how to create a culture where your team feels like it's OK to take time off, and how to influence other managers.