Melsha Nicole Key

Melsha Nicole Key is a marketing professional with an MBA in marketing, helping companies achieve sales growth through effective marketing strategies and innovative solutions. She is passionate about the customer experience, and her unique approach to putting them at the center of her decision-making has made her successful in various industries. Melsha is a wife and a mom of a three-year-old. Besides owning a photography business, she is pursuing a Master’s in Organizational Management. She enjoys spending time with family, traveling, reading, blogging, and hosting a podcast.



The Key to Excelling In Your Career is to Manage Your PIE (Performance, Image and Exposure)

Melsha Nicole Key (Senior Marketing Manager at GAP) talks about the importance of PIE (Performance, Image and Exposure), the importance of PIE at different stages in your career, how to get promoted while working remotely, and shares tips for gaining exposure in a large company.